As you know, I have worked with some of the biggest artists in music history… Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Janet Jackson … need I say more. To have a young teenager come into the studio and bring it like some of the best ever, was a re-awakening for me. Angelique Sabrina is going to be a major force in this industry. There is simply no denying her!

– Rockwilder, Grammy Award Winning Producer

It isn’t often that a teenage female earns the attention of her male counterpart for something other than the chase, but Bahamian bred Angelique Sabrina is the exception to the rule. Blessed with an innate ability to charm and entertain, the sixteen-year-old songstress has yet to saunter into a room that doesn’t submit to her je ne se quois (a pleasant quality that is hard to describe). From radio stations to television shows, studios and arenas, Angelique is the girl next door who earned the world’s attention, by simply being herself.

Touted by many as the next Rihanna for her international appeal and reminiscent of Janet Jackson for her soft and sensuous vibes, Angelique’s tendency to summon greatness is a testament to her illimitable potential. Having already established a devoted fanbase with two wildly successful singles, “Pull Up,” (working with the hit-making duo, Youngbloodz) and “Stop Sign,” by Grammy award-winning producer, Rockwilder (Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera…), Angelique’s new material works to introduce a more seasoned vocalist, prepared to take her career to even higher heights.

Her debut album (untitled as yet), led by the aptly dubbed “I’m Ready,” finds the 2012 People’s Choice Entertainer of the Year on a quest to find real love. Its coinciding video, directed by famed choreographer Tweet Boogie in her native Nassau, Bahamas, beckons memories of Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat,” as Angelique leads a colorful array of dancers across the beach sands and into the viewer’s living room. The ongoing storyline develops with a delicate observation of love among assorted races and ages, ultimately capped by a cozy dinner between the Bahamian beauty and her love interest.

“It’s really a first love song,” Angelique explains. “When you realize that the person you’re with is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The song is basically communicating that to the other person.”

Coincidentally building the framework for her updated sound, “I’m Ready,” produced by her father Gregg White, is a departure from the aforementioned island friendly tracks (“Pull Up” and “Stop Sign”) – one Angelique believes was essential.

“It really just took awhile to find the right sound for me and what I felt comfortable with and what I wanted to be known as,” she discloses. “It just so happened that my first couple of songs took off, but they didn’t necessarily define me.”
The transition has already yielded staggering results, with “I’m Ready” spending four consecutive weeks as the #1 single on the Caribbean chart – Tempo, among the top three on the Franchise Record Pool, #3 on Music N Films and #35 on Chartbase Urbanized.

Born into a musically inclined family (her father, Gregg White, originally signed Arrested Development), Angelique began her trek to stardom early, studying a variety of instruments including piano, guitar and drums, shortly after she learned to ride a bike. But it was the act of performing that intrigued her to the degree of claiming her destiny. By the time she was nine years old, Angelique had already penned her first song and at the tender age of twelve, she openly questioned her father’s commitment to her fledgling career.

“It was a conversation at a specific moment,” she remembers. “I was turning thirteen. I felt like things were moving too slowly. I felt like people who had turned thirteen had done more than me and I wanted that to change.”


Given her music idol Michael Jackson was the paradigm for her career path, Angelique’s sense of urgency was very real. Understandably, after three years of little movement toward her immediate goals, she was committed and more than ready to proclaim her future.

Gregg took the cue and responded by truly managing every facet of Angelique’s career. From song selections to production, imaging, packaging, songwriting, artist repertoire (A&R), and everything in between, he took on artist development duties from top to bottom. After framing the foundation for Angelique’s first big hit, “Pull Up,” he was contacted by Gary Bernstein of White Ocean Entertainment, who’d discovered Angelique on YouTube. They set up a meeting in the Bahamas and at a ripe thirteen years young, Angelique Sabrina had professional representation.

Since then Angelique’s career and brand has grown by leaps and bounds. She’s currently the face of Cable Bahamas, recently performed the national anthem at the 2014 World Relays in her hometown, has hosted a variety of television shows – including Hype TV in Jamaica, – and garnered a working relationship with renowned vocal coach Nick Cooper, who recently tapped her to host his own TV show – “Future Mega Countdown” – which highlights new artists.

Clearly poised to succeed in all facets of entertainment, Angelique eagerly welcomes each and every new opportunity. Having already proven an innate ability to tap into the innermost desires of teens just like her, she’s revealed a readiness far beyond her years that will likely take her to a destiny that is sure to impact the lives of millions!

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